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Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act may be applicable to property owners if part of a residence is used for business purposes. The Act covers almost all commercial buildings. The ACT covers a number of things but from a real estate perspective is chiefly concerned with building accessibility for the disabled.  Live/work buildings have different requirements regarding new construction, alterations and modifications, and barriers to entry/exit.  Buildings that are in violation may be subject to monetary or injunctive remedies.               

3R Reports: Reports of Residential Building Record

“3R Reports” are the reports of the residential building record.  The seller must provide these to the buyer prior to transfer of ownership. These reports detail the authorized occupancy of a property as well as the permits used in construction. It only states that the permits where issues and does not verify that the work was done to “code”.  Plumbing and electrical permits are excluded.  “3R Reports” may or may not be accurate and buyers are urged to verify information contained within with the Department of Building Inspection (415-558-6081) and have qualified inspectors verify any information that hints at being incomplete, inaccurate, or cause for concern.    

What Building Types are Eligible for Conversion?

Eligible building types consist of only 2-6 unit buildings that:

  • Meet owner occupancy requirements
  • Win the condo lottery (or bypass it)
  • Satisfy all tenant’s rights requi

Tenants Rights

Existing tenants hold certain rights during a condo conversion. These tenant’s rights include:

  • All tenants are to be notified of their rights prior to the owner filing a lottery conversion application.
  • All tenants are to be offered an option to purchase their unit post conversion at a price determined by the owner.
  • Tenants who don’t purchase their units receive rent control lease arrangements for 1 year. (after this 1 year period, renters may be subject to an owner move in eviction if the unit is sold)
  • Seniors and disabled persons receive lifetime rent control.

Tenant Intent to Purchase

As part of the conversion process, condo lottery winners are required to submit tenant intent to purchase forms. These forms must be signed by at least 40% of the occupants (renters or owners). These forms disclose that the signer intends to buy their particular unit as a condominium once converted. However the signer reserves the right to later decline to buy the condominium.