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San Francisco Home Sale Data

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Condo Conversion & Insurance

Depending on the number of units in a building, condo conversion may increase home insurance premiums and/or require switching to different carriers.  It is advisable to consult an insurance agent prior to converting to avoid unforeseen surprises.

Condo Conversion & Home Value

While condo conversion will not change the assessed value of a home for property tax purposes, this does not mean the actual market value of a home will go unchanged. In general, a unit being converted to an individual condominium is viewed favorably by the real estate market. Individual units are easier to buy/sell as well as finance which will often translate into higher demand from buyers.  

Building Code Requirements

Property owners seeking to condo convert their building are required to have a building inspection by the City. The inspection does not have to be completed prior to submitting the conversion application.  The inspection request does have to be submitted and fees paid though prior to applying for conversion.  

Use of Common Areas

An individual owner in entitled to equal use of common areas regardless of percentage ownership interest. An owners guests and/or tenants hold these same rights (unless the agreed upon governing documents state otherwise).

Sub-Division Map

A sub division map is often associated with terms such as condominium plan or parcel map.  Each term is used to describe the drawings or maps that detail the manner in which a given property is laid out into different units, lots, or subdivisions.  These plans define the lot and unit location and boundaries and -once approved and registered by the local government- become the official plans in relation to the deeds and/or mortgages associated with the property.