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San Francisco Home Sale Data

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Equity Sharing Example

Karen currently rents a house from Brian. Brian bought the house for $500,000 and owes $100,000 on the mortgage. Karen wants to buy the house but can't fully afford it.

What is Equity Sharing?

Equity sharing is a form of home ownership where two or more investors share equity ownership in a home with some investors occupying the home and the others participate purely for investment purpo

Bypassing the Condo Lottery

Buildings eligible to bypass the condo conversion lottery are two unit buildings where both units are occupied for at least on year by separate, unmarried persons. Each person must own at least 25% of the property and must have owned at least this percentage the entire time of occupancy. This is the only type of building permitted to bypass the lottery.

You Won the Condo Lotto, Now What?

Once you win the condo lotto, how do you actually convert?

Recent Condo Lottery Legislation

In December of 2005, legislation was passed that changed the rules governing the condo conversion lottery.  The changes are intended to make the odds of winning the lottery more fair for participants who have entered and lost for multiple years.  In past years these participants have complained that new entrants have flooded the market and unfairly reduced the odds of winning for the owners who have entered the lottery and lost for many years.