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Common Interest Development (CID)

The main types of Common Interest Developments (CID’s) are the condominium and the planned development.  CID’s are a type of real estate where an owner holds sole rights of ownership to a specific unit or lot while sharing rights of ownership to common areas (access roads, clubhouses, swimming pools, etc).      

Common Interest

Common interest refers to the ownership of a common area (garden, parking, storage) in a condo development that is owned by a group of individual owners as opposed to an HOA.  It is common to note the ownership rights of common interest areas in the Bylaws.     


Bylaws are the governing rules by which a homeowners association operates.  They are common with both incorporated and un-incorporated HOA’s.

Articles of Incorporation

Homeowners associations are required to have Articles of Incorporation if the association is incorporated with the State.  HOA’s that are not incorporated are not required to prepare Articles of Incorporation.  If you are forming an incorporated HOA it is wise to consult with an attorney to ensure your Articles of Incorporation are prepared properly and on-time.