About Us

This site is a labor of love and curiosity........

The inspiration

In the winter of 2006, my girlfriend bought her first home in San Francisco. The process took about six weeks from start to finish and with it brought an endless stream of questions about TIC ownership, condo conversion, tenant’s rights, creative mortgage financing, and so forth. Watching this all unfold and seeing how bits of information were culled from a gaggle of different resource sites, I decided that San Francisco needed one site that could serve as the collective “brain” of San Francisco real estate information.

The goal

The goal for this site is to leverage the collective knowledge "the brain" of the San Francisco real estate community into one free resource for the whole community to use. Whether it is real estate agents, mortgage lenders, housing advocates, buyer/sellers, local government agencies, tax accountants, real estate attorneys, or home inspectors, there is a plethora of knowledge to leverage.

Partnerships, Ideas, and so forth

If you are someone with expertise in any area relating to San Francisco real estate, please contact me with ideas for how we can work together to feature your service or leverage your “real estate brain”.

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