Zoning Restrictions

How many people can live in your unit? Can you run your business from home? These questions are answered in part based on the zoning restrictions as they pertain to your property.  Zoning restrictions exist throughout San Francisco and vary greatly by neighborhood.  The buyer of a property is responsible for confirming the applicable zoning restrictions of that property.  Sellers are required however to supply the buyer with copies of reports pertaining to use of property.  Zoning restrictions do change though so every buyer is urged to inquire as to the current restrictions as well as any that are pending.

A common mistake made by buyers is to assume that the existing, apparent usage of a property is permissible simply because “others in the current property or neighborhood are doing it”.  So before you buy a property expecting to start your business, service clients, or share expenses with multiple roommates in it, contact the Department of City Planning at 415-558-6350 and find out what zoning restrictions apply.