Building Code Requirements

Property owners seeking to condo convert their building are required to have a building inspection by the City. The inspection does not have to be completed prior to submitting the conversion application.  The inspection request does have to be submitted and fees paid though prior to applying for conversion.  

Once a City building inspection is requested, the owner is required to perform any cited work regardless of whether or not the building is converted into a condo.  Some building owners will hire private consultants to inspect a property first to determine the magnitude of possible corrective action required.  

The actual City building inspection process has six main steps:

  1. Submit the inspection request form and pay the fee.
  2. City building, plumbing, and electrical inspectors visit the site.
  3. A written inspection report is issued.
  4. Receipt of a building permit for corrective work.
  5. Complete the required work.
  6. City inspects completed work and, if sufficient, issues a completion certificate.

The most common problems cited in inspection reports are:

  • Work completed without required permits
  • Safety Hazards such as poor wiring or fire egress
  • Energy/Water conservation violations.