Condo Conversion Lottery

Building Code Requirements

Property owners seeking to condo convert their building are required to have a building inspection by the City. The inspection does not have to be completed prior to submitting the conversion application.  The inspection request does have to be submitted and fees paid though prior to applying for conversion.  

Ownership & Possession Requirements

Occupancy rules exist to be eligible for condo conversion via the condo lottery. For buildings with 2-4 units, at least one unit must be occupied by the owner for at least the three previous years. Note that the owner need not have been the owner during each of those years; he/she may have been a tenant in the unit. The rules state that the owner at the time of application must have occupied the unit for at least three years. For 5-6 unit lotto winners, at least three units must have been owner occupied for three years. The three year period is measured from the date of the lottery entry deadline.