Home Inspection

Lead Based Paint

Lead paint disclosure is a requirement for sellers or lessors of real property built prior to 1978. The Federal Residential Lead-based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992 was enacted to create awareness and communicate warnings regarding the risks associated with lead based patient exposure.

Homeowners Guide to Earthquake Safety

Old homes for the most were not built with earthquake safety in mind. As a result, laws were created to help ensure that home owners and property dwellers were informed of the increased risk associated with older buildings in the instance of an earthquake.

Heating & Cooling Systems

New home buyers are encouraged to have a qualified professional inspect the heating and cooling systems in a home as well as the ducts, vents, and internal parts of each system. For many San Francisco homeowners, air conditioners are irrelevant and in most cases not even present. Heating systems are essentially universal in SF homes. As with all expensive components of a home, a buyer or seller should assess the condition and quality of the heating/cooling system in relation to the price of the home.  In most cases these systems will not impact the price dramatically (on a percentage basis at least) unless the system is in such poor condition and the home/building large enough as to require a substantial investment to replace it.   

Hazardous Waste

Building permit applicants are required to have the soil tested to determine the presence of hazardous waste.  San Francisco’s Hazardous Waste Ordinance requires testing when:

Geological Inspection

As every SF resident knows, we live in an area susceptible to earthquakes. As such, before buying any structure it is advisable to have a geological inspection to determine how the property you are about to buy has been affected by the changes to the underlying ground. Also, a buyer will want to get as much insight as possible regarding the potential risks associated with future changes to the underlying ground. For example, is your back deck one land shift away from collapsing? Does your future home sit on bedrock or landfill?