You Won the Condo Lotto, Now What?

Once you win the condo lotto, how do you actually convert?

Owners of qualifying buildings must submit an application package to the SF Department of Public Works. The Department of Public Works supplies application packets which, upon completion, are returned to the following address:

Department of Public Works
Bureau of Street-Use & Mapping
875 Stevenson Street, Room 460

The main aspects of the application packet are:

Prior to submitting a conversion application, owners are required to request a physical inspection report and a “3R” Report from the Department of Building Inspection. Note that the inspection need no occur prior to submission of the application. Owners only need to have requested the inspection, paid the requisite fee, and have a receipt as proof of fee payment.

Survey Map
Conversion requires that a licensed land surveyor provide a survey map that to determine the boundaries of the property or condominium as well as the footprint of the building. Depending on the contractor, this may take approximately 1 month.

Proof of Occupancy
Owners must prove occupancy at the residence in question. This can be done by submitting bills from PG&E and AT&T confirming utility service. Owners must also and provide proof of a property tax exemption and sign a sworn statement.

Other parts of the application include:

  • Tenant history of the building (previous 5 years)
  • Names and contact info of current tenants along with their associated unit
  • Photos of the front and back
  • A Title Report
  • Prop M Findings

There may be additional items not listed here. Check with the SF Department of Public Works for exact info. As condo conversion is a costly and time consuming process, some building owners will hire an attorney to assist with the process.